Leonardo Assicurazioni’s services speak all the languages of the world

Milan has always been a city open to exchange; in fact, its location and development have caused that many different languages are spoken in its streets. From this richness, we have structured a service that is unique in the insurance scene. Leonardo Assicurazioni’s International Service is constituted of consultants from all over the world with the aim to provide foreigners with an interface that is easy to deal with. Not only different languages but also different cultures, habits, and lifestyles are combined within the service. This way, anyone, independently of their origin, can find an interlocutor with whom to talk clearly without the risk of misunderstandings.

Many opportunities in a single touchpoint

Together with the consultants of the International Service you can access the World of Leonardo speaking your own language, accompanied by someone who truly knows the context you come from, understands your needs and also your timing.

International Service Advisors will introduce you to all the opportunities that Leonardo’s many services offer, guiding you with their expertise to make the right choices.

Discover a different future, enter the world of Leonardo Assicurazioni
International Hub – Leonardo Assicurazioni
Cos’é International Hub ? Quante lingue si parlano ? Cosa cercano e cosa trovano i clienti ?
Ne abbiamo parlato con Jaime Alomia – Consulente International Hub di Leonardo Assicurazioni – e Gisela Montes – Responsabile International Hub di Leonardo Assicurazioni – nell’intervista presso Spazio Leonardo.


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